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Thank you for your interest in the UK National Homebrew Competition organized by UKNHC, Bristol.

You only need to register your information once and can return to this site to enter more brews or edit the brews you've entered. You can even pay your entry fees online if you wish.

Thanks and Good Luck To All Who Entered the UK National Homebrew Competition!

There are 402 registered entries and 217 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

As of 18:24, there are 0 received and processed entries (this number will update as entries are picked up from drop-off locations and organized for judging).


The next UK National Homebrew Competition will be held in Bristol on: TBC.

The competition will use the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines.

All entrants will receive score sheets and commentary prepared by judges who are recognized by either the BJCP or NGWBJ, or have significant experience/training (eg professional brewers).

Winners will be announced upon completion of the competition.

Eligibility: This competition is open to everyone. Competition Organizers, staff, judges and stewards may enter the competition. Measures are in place to ensure fair, anonymous, judging. Judges and stewards will not be assigned to categories that they have entered. Entries must have been made at home. Those made in commercial establishments, including brew-on-premise establishments, are not eligible. Categories: All beer will be judged as per the 2015 BJCP style guidelines.

For full guidelines, go to:

Judges and competition organizers will not reclassify entries so please choose styles carefully. Styles may be collapsed and combined at the discretion of the competition organizers.

Entry fee: £8 per first entry (plus any PayPal handling fees), £5 per subsequent entry (plus any PayPal handling fees).

Online Registration only:

Paypal payment only. 

There is a limit of 400 paid entries. The entry system will lock at 400 paid entries and all unpaid entries will be deleted at this time. Brewers are limited to a maximum of four (4) entries each.

Entries: For each entry, the brewer must submit the following:

  • Two 330-568ml brown or green glass or PET (Coopers type) bottles. Bottles must be free of labels, and any other identifying marks must be blacked out. Bottles will not be returned. Bottles with engraved or embossed lettering should be avoided but are acceptable. Beers may be bottle conditioned or force carbonated. 
  • Bottle labels, attached securely to each bottle with clear tape.
  • The appropriate fee, based on the total number of entries. Paypal only.
  • Entries must be posted or dropped off at the designated location within the specified shipping window, which will be made available to all entrants closer to the competition. Register and update entry information online at any time (once registration has started) up until the 7th February 2020, at This applies to ALL entries. Judges and Stewards WILL NOT be permitted to bring beer on the day.

Judging: Each entry will be judged by a panel of at least two judges, where possible with at least one of whom has achieved a minimum rank of Certified by the BJCP. The first round of judging will determine the top three entries in each award category. Medals will be awarded for each of the top three entries in each category (note: medals will not be awarded to beers that score below 30, judges do not have to award all placings, there can be no joint placings). The first-place entry in each award category will then compete for Best of Show.

Club of the Year Trophy: All category placings will accrue points towards the club trophy (1st=6; 2nd=4; 3rd=2; Honourable Mention=1). The club with the highest number of points will retain the trophy for 1 year. Entrants with multiple clubs list will be allowed to count in more than one club.

BJCP Experience: Judges and stewards will receive experience points toward advancement in the BJCP. All judges and stewards will be required to register on the site and keep up-to-date .

Judging score sheets and prizes (where applicable) will be sent out shortly after the competition. Competition organizers reserve the right to disqualify any entries, without refund. Questions or disputes will be settled by competition coordinators; their decisions will be final.

The judging floor will be closed to all except judges, stewards and organizers. The announcement of results, awards ceremony and raffle will be open to the public, starting at around 6 p.m. Entry will be free.

Feel free to follow us on facebook and Twitter for updates.

Judging Session Locations and Dates

Morning Session
Saturday 15 February, 2020 09:00, GMT

Afternoon Session
Saturday 15 February, 2020 13:00, GMT

Competition Officials

You can send an email to any of the following individuals via Contact.

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  • Phil Moulder — Treasurer
  • Sam Tait — Head Judge
  • Chris Tazewell — Organiser


UKNHC is proud to have the following sponsors for the UK National Homebrew Competition.

Cheddar Ales
Cheddar Ales
Cheddar Ales were established in 2006 and we have firmly positioned ourselves in the local market as brewers of quality, consistency and reliability. An ever present core range of 7 beers are brewed all year round along with various seasonal specials that come and go. A taproom is opening in early 2020 to complement our small pilot brew plant, allowing us to experiment with a wider range of beer styles than ever before and keep our beer thirsty customers topped up. Collaborations with home brewers also possible and actively encouraged. Come and join our fun.
Beer52 are beer pioneers. They traverse the globe to find the best and most interesting beer from the greatest small-batch breweries planet earth has to offer. No surprise then, that they are the world’s most popular craft beer discovery club. Each month beer52 deliver a case with a different theme. Themes have included Germany, Korea, Norway, South Africa, California, Finland and many more but they haven’t forgotten their roots. As an independent UK company Beer52 are also passionate about the UK craft beer scene. The beauty of Beer52 is they don’t hold you to ransom, there’s no lock-in and you can leave any time.As well as the best, most interesting beer money can buy, your case will include the award-winning craft beer magazine Ferment which explains the theme and individual beers you’ll receive and a cheeky snack is thrown in, just to top it all off. Don’t like dark beers? Choose the light plan – easy!
Lallemand Brewing
Lallemand Brewing
Lallemand’s presence in the brewing industry dates from the early 1970s when the company started producing dried pure culture brewing yeasts for beer kit manufacturers in Canada. In subsequent years, this activity was expanded to the production of other specific ale and lager beer yeast strains for different clients in the United States, Europe and Australia and Asia. Supported by decades of long-standing industry experience, an extensive support network and strong technical expertise, Lallemand Brewing is positioned to help your brewery achieve its growth and quality goals. Beyond an unparalleled global technical support and expertise, we offer an extensive range of products, services and education. Whether you are a startup, a global leader in beer production or anywhere in between, we have something for you. At Lallemand Brewing… We Brew With You
BREW CON London will be back in 2020! BREW CON is the UK’s only Beer & Brewing Convention for amateur & professional brewers alike. We’re happy to sponsor the UK National Home Brew Comp by offering two tickets each to the Winner of the Best Beer & the Champion Brewer.
Charles Faram
Charles Faram
Charles Faram has been established as hop suppliers for over 150 years. Look out for our hop varieties, such as Opus & Mozart at your local homebrew shop or online supplier.
Fierce & Noble
Fierce & Noble
Here at Fierce & Noble we are committed to brewing modern, seasonal beer in small batches. Yet, as a relatively young brewery in the heart of Bristol, we still respect years of brewing tradition that have gone before. The Taproom in St. Werburghs is a space that reflects the heritage and history of the craft beer industry - which steers our whole operation and everything we create. Here you can try our core range, which includes a Session IPA, American Pale Ale, West Coast IPA and a truly unique Black IPA. You can also get your hands on our latest brews, throw a private event and take a tour around our home.
Good Chemistry Brewing
Good Chemistry Brewing
Good Chemistry Brewing was set up by Bob and Kelly to create good chemistry in its broadest sense – not just in the quality of the beer they produce, but using that to allow them to celebrate community and relationships across science, the arts, music, food, and social experiences, as well as beer & brewing. They have been up and running in their St Philips brewery since 2015, opened their first pub, The Good Measure, in Redland in December 2018, and open their brewery tap through the summer every year. In addition to serving Bristol drinkers on draught and in can, Good Chemistry are increasingly reaching further afield. All their beers are suitable for vegans.
New Bristol Brewery
New Bristol Brewery
Maria & Noel of New Bristol Brewery have their work cut out running the Brewery, the Tap Room and a Specialist Brewery School. They also host the UK National Homebrew Competition. Nobody knows when they manage to sleep.
The Malt Miller
The Malt Miller
The Malt Miller was started in 2010 by Rob Neale, we’re an independent family business that prides itself in supplying home brewers and breweries with premium ingredients and equipment. As home brewers ourselves we know how important it is to get the freshest ingredients possible, all of our malt is milled fresh to order, our hops are nitrogen flushed and cold stored, there are over 250 yeast strains to choose from and you can even make your own bespoke Recipe Kits through our website.